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CNA Classes in Alabama

The Alabama Department of Health does not set age requirements, nor does it state that you must have a high school diploma or GED in order to enter into a CNA training course. These requirements are set by each individual training facility. Many if not most employers however require that their CNA’s are at least eighteen (18 years of age).

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The program requires that seventy-five (75) hours of training are completed prior to being able to take the state required CNA examination, known as the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program. This training must consist of both classroom, and clinical (hands on) training. The examination test will have two parts, which will be written and a hands on assessment. Prospective CNA’s must pass both parts of the test before receiving their certification. The state examination must be taken within twenty-four months of training, or training will have to be repeated.

The curriculum covers things such as safety, observation, infection control, ambulatory, communication, the elderly, abuse, personal care, and basic medical equipment operation.
The cost of attending a CNA class in Alabama sits at around the $1300 mark, however it can be higher or lower depending on the institution.