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CNA Classes in Florida

Florida might be the state who requires the least of someone who wants to become a CNA. While they do require that an applicant have a high school diploma, or a GED, and they must be eighteen (18) years old. Applicants need to pass a criminal background check and be free of any crimes. They must test negative for TB.

The state of Florida does not currently require that someone who wants to be a CNA be enrolled or complete an approved training program. Those wanting to become a CNA are permitted to take the state examination without any formal training. That being said, if the potential CNA fails any single part of the state examination three (3) times, then they will be required to take a state certified training course. While the state may not mandate an approved training course, many employers will not hire someone who has not completed both in classroom training, and clinical or hands on training.

Classes include such things as: personal care, nutrition, communication skills, anatomy, infection prevention, physiology, and more. Students will also have to take and pass CPR training, and take an AIDS awareness class, both of which must be programs that have been approved by the state of Florida.

Program costs can vary in Florida, but typically range from $900 to $2500.

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