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CNA Classes in Oregon

The CNA training program that must be passed in Oregon to become certified must be a level-1 training program that lasts at least seventy-five hours in instruction. This program must have been completed within the two years prior to taking the Oregon CNA certification exam. The course program must be state recognized and approved, and include both manual skills training and classroom instruction. Curriculum must focus on patient care, working of relevant equipment, and the basics of nursing. Instruction can vary in price though it is available in the state for as low as a few hundred dollars.

For students in the military, this coursework and training program can be seen as completed if they have finished the military training program to become a medic or corpsman. They must also have worked and been paid for at least four-hundred hours of work in a nursing or nursing-related field.

Once this criterion is met, a student must then complete the Oregon CNA testing at an accredited and recognized testing center. This test, like many other states, will require a written portion completion and then a manual skills assessment. Once passing both parts, the student must pass a background check and then will be placed on the state CNA registry.

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