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CNA Classes in Tennessee

Tennessee CNA certification process requires students to complete a state accredited and recognized CNA program. The coursework must be at least seventy-five hours in length and include manual instruction in a clinical setting overseen by a qualified nurse instructor. The second portion of this work must be done in the classroom, through lecture and information via books and other course materials. The length of the program, when they are offered, and how much they cost will depend on the institution through which you choose to pursue coursework in the Tennessee CNA process.

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Upon completion, then a student must sit for the CNA state exam. The exam can only be taken when all hours and coursework are completed, with no missing requirements of hours. If hours are missing, they will not be able to sit for this required exam. There is a written portion of the exam as well as a manual assessment. Students must pass both in one of the first three tries or they will have to complete the Tennessee CNA training programs again. The manual portion will assess five different skills that the student should have learned in class. What five skills are tested will be at the proctor’s discretion.