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The role of the nursing assistant in a health care team is crucial on account of the amount of time they spend with a patient or a nursing home resident. A unique opportunity is, therefore, presented to the nursing assistant in providing not only care, but also strength and comfort to their patients. This is where proper and quality CNA training makes a big difference in enhancing the quality of life of their patients. Hence, if you feel you have what it takes to rise to the challenge of working as a Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Nurse Aide, enrolling in CNA classes is your first important step.

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Besides American Red Cross training centers, CNA training in Connecticut is also offered at the Danbury Training Center, in two regional vocational technical schools (Bullard-Havens and Eli Whitney), nine community colleges, ten private occupational schools, and five hospitals/community organizations. The regulatory framework for CNA certification is specified under Chapter IV of Title 19-13-D8t of the Public Health Code of Connecticut. Compared with the minimum federal requirement of 75 and 16 hours for training and clinical hours, respectively, the state standard is leveled up at 100 and 50 hours, respectively. The 100-hour Red Cross training program consists of 76 hours of classroom learning and 24 hours of clinical experience, where the trainees learn to provide quality care for patients in various health care environments, such as assisted-living accommodation facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, or in the homes of their patients. Day classes are held for four weeks, whereas night classes run for six weeks, and the tuition fee is $1,250.

The trainees are exposed to the basic tasks performed by nursing aides, such as bathing and other hygiene routines, feeding, and personal care. The training also teach skills in measurement and recording of vital information such as blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, and respiratory rate, as well as emergency response procedures, such as cardio-pulmonary resuscitation during a heart attack or the Heimlich maneuver when the patient is choking. Moreover, trainees also learn to assist their patients with respect to the latter’s mobility.

A certificate is issued to trainees who successfully complete the requirements of the training program. Earning a Certified Nursing Assistant certificate from the American Red Cross also comes with an eligibility to take the State Examination for Nurse Aides. The examination fee costs $108. A number of nursing homes in Connecticut accept entry-level nursing aides and finance their enrollment in CNA training centers.

Free CNA courses in the traditional and online modes are also available in Connecticut. Online CNA training is an emerging option for individuals who had to prudently manage their time enhancing their knowledge and skills for CNA certification, working in health care facilities, and housekeeping. However, since supervised clinical training is a requirement for certification, CNA classes can not be completely carried out online. Classroom- and clinic-based training is, therefore, still a dominant option for CNA training in Connecticut among nursing aides aiming for the state board.

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