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iJoy Sale - With an iJoy 300 therapeutic massage chair, you've got your individual private masseur at your command, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The Human Touch iJoy 300 combines the fashionable elements of any iJoy chair with the scale and comfort of a full-size Human Touch massage chair. It features luxurious SofSuede™ material, an influence reclined backrest, and the next rise from the ground than most iJoy therapeutic massage chairs.

Inside every iJoy Robotic Therapeutic massage Chair are the "hands" of a skilled massage skilled just ready to provide you with a soothing back massage. Our multi-patent Robotic Therapeutic massage Technology therapeutic massage system so intently replicates the therapeutic techniques utilized by back and spinal care professionals that it is the most popular know-how of the American School of Chiropractic Orthopedists.

It's designed to observe the pure contour of your backbone and move three-dimensionally in 4 completely different modes: rolling, kneading, compression and percussion. Rolling feels like the light palms of a massage therapist, urgent firmly on one aspect of your spine, then the other. Kneading feels like thumbs urgent firmly in a circular movement on each side of the spine; this motion goes deeper, lifting and stretching the muscle tissues to enhance circulation. Compression feels just like the heels of a professional therapist's fingers firmly pushing on muscle groups alongside your backbone; this aids in enhancing mobility and posture. Percussion appears like fists or the edge of fingers quickly tapping on your back; this invigorating deep muscle remedy is well-liked in sports medicine.

iJoy 300 Massage Programs, Features, Technique and Specifications :

The Human Touch iJoy-300 robotic massage chair has better feature than king kong massage chair, with full-body therapeutic massage programs to fit your physique’s wants and wants. refresh total again, relieve neck and shoulders, launch decrease back. Ijoy 300 begins with a patented mechanism that works like “wrists and arms”. It added “palms”- massage rollers that move three-dimensionally on a straight monitor : rolling, kneading, compression and percussion.

three invigorating auto therapeutic massage packages : Choose from three therapeutic massage packages - discover the one that most accurately fits your wants on the moment. You'll be able to select from the next choices: Refresh your whole back, relieve your neck and shoulders, or release your decrease back.
four skilled therapeutic massage methods : Target any of the 4 expert therapeutic massage strategies to your back’s own bother spots, for powerful, therapeutic relief. Therapeutic massage methods embrace Rolling, Kneading, Compression and Percussion.
little one security lock : The kid safety lock characteristic makes the chair safe even in properties with little kids.
wheels for easy mobility : Wheels present ease of motion so you'll be able to maneuver the massage chair to an ideal spot.
controller storage : Corded controller stores neatly within simple attain
simple to make use of controller : The controller is straightforward to use, intuitive, and is conveniently situated by your left hand.

Upright Chair Dimensions    : 41.5"L X 29.5"W X 44"H
Reclined Chair Dimensions  : 52.5" L X 31.75" H
Distance to Wall                 : 10.5"
Weight                               : 87 lbs
Recline Operation               : Power
Recline Angle                     : 115 - 150 Degrees
Range Control                     : 20"
Auto Timer Shut-Off             : 15 minutes
Massage Robot                   : 2 motor, Quad Roller
Range Control                     : Full, Upper, Lower and Manual
Limited Warranty                 : 3 Year
Shipping Box Dimensions     : 42"L X 29.50"W X 28"H
Cube                                  : 20.1"
Container Quantity               : 90 Units