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A Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Nurse Aide provides physical and emotional support to patients in a nursing home or other health care facilities under the supervision of a licensed nurse. A nursing aide assumes an important role in ensuring the comfort and safety of a patient. Among the various roles and responsibilities of a nursing aide covers the following areas: patient assessment and care planning, nutrition and elimination, patient mobility, personal hygiene and grooming, patient comfort and anxiety relief, patient safety and environmental cleanliness.

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Licensed nursing assistants are listed in the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry (NAR). In order to be listed in the registry, one must complete a CNA training and evaluation program recognized and approved by the state of Minnesota. According to federal regulations, CNA classes in MN are required to have at least a total of 75 lecture hours plus 16 hours of supervised work in a long-term care facility. CNA training in Minnesota comes in two versions, one developed by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, while the other one was created by the American Red Cross. Currently there are 128 training sites approved by the state of Minnesota. The cost of a state-approved CNA training program in the state of Minnesota ranges from $445 to $1,000.

Subjects in a standard curriculum for CNA training in MN include: basic nursing skills, infection control, basis restorative services, social services, mental health, personal care skills, patient rights, communication, and safety, and emergency care. Students are also trained on monitoring vital signs, obtaining samples for testing, measuring water and food intake, as well as bedsore prevention and enhancing patient mobility.

Nursing assistants who covered the cost of CNA training in MN with their own money are eligible to apply for a reimbursement from their employer. A nursing assistant has one year to submit receipts together with the reimbursement request to the employer concerned. In turn, a certified nursing or boarding care home facility has 90 days to reimburse the nursing assistant of training, provided that the nursing assistant requesting for reimbursement remains employed with the facility within the 90-day period. Reimbursable expenses include reference books, training supplies, uniforms, as well as tuition and examination fees.

After completing the required number of training and clinical hours, the next step is to take and pass the competency test approved by the State of Minnesota. To gain a deeper understanding and familiarity with the procedures involved in taking the competency examinations, acquiring a copy of the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook and Nurse Aide Practice Exam online is recommended. Inquiries regarding administrative fees may be coursed through the local testing center.

The written portion of the competency examination for nursing assistants is composed of 70 multiple-choice questions. Meanwhile, the skills evaluation portion involves performing five nursing assistant skills which are randomly chosen by the evaluator. Examples of skills include hand washing, elastic stocking application, and bedpan use. The CNA Certification is awarded to successful examinees whose names will be subsequently posted in the registry.

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