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A Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Nurse Aide is described as a person in charge of caring for sick, injured, disabled, and frail patients in various health care settings. Certified nurse aides are usually managed by nursing and medical staff.

A typical day for a nursing aide involves attending to patients’ needs, delivering messages, serving meals, fixing beddings, and helping patients eat their meal and take a bath. In addition, nursing aides may also be tasked with helping the patients care for their skin, perform temperature readings, monitor pulse and breathing, assist patients in walking, as well as in standing up and laying down on the bed. Nursing aides are also expected to take down observations of a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional conditions and relay these observations to the medical and nursing staff.

Any person who wants to pursue a career as a certified nursing aide in New York must undergo and complete an officially recognized and approved CNA training in NYC. Various educational institutions offer CNA training programs throughout New York, particularly the Central, Genesee Valley, Long Island, Metropolitan, Mid-Hudson, Northeastern and Western regions. Individuals who want to pursue a career as a certified nursing assistant do not need to worry since there is no restriction in terms of age.

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In terms of educational background, having a graduate or undergraduate nursing degree makes it easier to obtain a CNA certification through reciprocity applications with the New York Department of Health. However, for those without prior nursing education, it is required that applicants undergo a minimum of 100 hours of CNA training in NYC. An additional 30 hours of clinical training is also required. Standard CNA classes cover the following subjects: human anatomy; basic nursing skills; human physiology; personal care skills; mental health needs; resident care for the cognitively-impaired; patient/resident’s rights; and provision of restorative services. Thirty hours of clinical training is usually conducted through supervised work in a health care facility while being managed by a tutor.

CNA training in NYC is offered by nursing homes, non-profit and community-based organizations, privately-owned schools, as well as high schools, community colleges, and universities. The Department of Education offers nursing aide training in high schools and adult education programs. Meanwhile, the Department of Health authorizes CNA training offered by nonprofit/community-based organizations and nursing homes. A number of these organizations provide paid trainings while others provide training sessions at no cost.

The tuition fee for a state-approved CNA training program varies depending on the provider. For example, Hostos Community College charges $995 for a 130-hour course. Meanwhile, a 120-hour CNA course in Mohawk Valley Community College costs $1,200.

After completing the required number of training hours, candidates need to secure a copy of the New York Department of Health Nursing Home Nurse Aide Certification Handbook and familiarize themselves with the procedure concerning exam application, registration, and scheduling. Afterwards, candidates need to accomplish the New York State Nursing Home Aide Registry application form and take the scheduled examinations. Successful applicants who pass the exams will receive a Nurse Aide Certificate, wallet card, and confirmation of being listed in the Nursing Aide Registry. A Nurse Aide Certificate is valid for two years, after which recertification is required.

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