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ottoman feet massager ottoman foot massagerottoman calf massager

Ottoman Feet Massager


The Ottoman Feet Massager or iJoy Ottoman 2.0 Calf Massager is a compact unit which offers a robust, three-dimensional Human Touch Technology leg therapeutic massage that seems like strong arms kneading along the length of your calves whereas, from under, "thumbs" firmly therapeutic massage the back of every leg. Or, insert your feet, and let the "palms" and "thumbs" soothe your soles. Ottoman 2.0 operates at two totally different speeds, and features a pre-programed mode. You may modify top and angle for max consolation and even use it as a conventional footrest. Price $259

A total of 20 rollers are positioned to therapeutic massage the arches, heels, and balls of your feet. The ten rollers on every foot simulate the ancient principal of reflexology, which is the assumption that strain utilized to specific factors on the toes benefits other parts of the body. Better of all, you'll be able to pair your Ottoman 2.0 with our new iJoy a hundred and luxuriate in Human Touch Technology's mild pampering "fingers" massaging your complete again on the similar time your toes and legs are being treated.

Our multi-patent Human Touch Technology therapeutic massage system so intently replicates the therapeutic techniques used by back and spinal care professionals that it is the most popular expertise of the American Faculty of Chiropractic Orthopedists.

Ottoman Feet Massager Features: 

- Massage Controller: The Human Touch iJoy Ottoman 2.0 calf massager simply converts from a classy footrest right into a therapeutic foot and calf massager to offer you an superior stress-free massage. You’ll know your legs have discovered a new finest friend in the iJoy Ottoman calf and feet massager!
- foot and calf massager: Place your calves into the snug calf massage wells to get pleasure from an invigorating massage. Rotate the Ottoman 2.0 and place your feet within the therapeutic massage wells for a soothing foot massage. Solely Human Touch provides a patented paddle system that massages the calves in an upward, rolling motion. This movement improves circulation and promotes greater healing and soothing comfort.
- 180-degree conversion: Whenever you’re not enjoying a calming therapeutic massage, the Ottoman 2.0 simply rotates to change into a trendy ottoman
- Full Rotation: The Ottoman 2.0 is extremely-flexible. Rotate the massager to the specified angle and alter the height for maximum comfort. Place it vertically once you’re sitting upright and horizontally if you’re reclined.

Ottoman Feet Massager Specifications : 

Ottoman 2.0 Length : 23"
Ottoman 2.0 Width : 16"
Ottoman 2.0 Height : 12.75"
Weight 29 lbs
Controller : Wired Remote
Power Consumption : 40 Watts
Target Area : Calf and Feet
Limited Warranty : 1 Year
Shipping Box Dimensions : 27"L X 20"W X 15"H
Container Quantity : 456 Units

Warranty Information:

Manufacturer provides a 1-year parts and 3-years structural warranty for all HTT models. 1-year parts and 1 year structural warranty for all iJoy models. 3-years parts and 3-years structural warranty for all Perfect Chair models. 1-year parts warranty for all Lifestyle products. Additional warranty information included in packaging. Please call us Sales 1-800-550-0056 or Customer Service 1-888-234-7007 if you have any questions or concerns regarding this product's warranty.

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