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CNA Classes in RI (Rhode Island)

CNAs (certified nursing assistants) in Rhode Island are always in high demand, with most of them gaining long term employment in senior nursing homes and as stay-in caregivers. Another reason why Rhode Island is such an attractive place for CNAs is because of the rather attractive rates; on average, a CNA can earn at least $29,000 a year, plus benefits. So if you are interested in a very rewarding career as a CNA, then you should get some CNA classes in RI to get started.

Where and How to Enroll in RI CNA Classes
The state of Rhode Island does not actually keep a comprehensive list of certified training centers for CNAs, but it is still easy to get information as to where you can sign up for CNA classes in RI. You can ask around in the community hospitals or nursing homes as to the training centers that they recommend, sometimes even these health care institutions offer their own CNA training classes. Or you can always do a search online for a training center, just be sure that the class that you sign up for is really competent and have actually produced quite a number of impressive graduates.

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Requirements for being a CNA in Rhode Island
Getting a CNA license in Rhode Island is quite easy as compared to the other states, primarily because of their minimum requirements. For instance, for a person to be eligible for taking the state licensure exam for CNAs, he must complete at least 100 hours of CNA training, 80 of which is in lectures and theory, and 20 in practical clinical studies; training must also not last more than 3 months.

And just like the examination in other states, the CNA exam in RI has two parts: written and practical exams. But you can opt for an oral exam instead of a written exam for an additional fee on top of your registration fee for the exam.
Once you have passed the examination, you will need to have it renewed after two years, also showing proof that you have been employed for at least 8 hours in the last 24 months.

The requirements for becoming a CNA in Rhode Island is just the bare minimum of what the other states are asking for, which is why there are more CNAs in Rhode Island than in any other state. But even though there are a lot of CNAs gaining employment is no problem at all since the demand is still going up.

Certified Training Centers
If you are looking for CNA classes in Rhode Island then here are some training centers that are certified by the state:

1. Community College of Rhode Island, 1762 Louisquisset Pike - Lincoln, RI 02865
2. Cranston Alternative Education Programs, 4 Sharpe Drive - Cranston, RI 02920
3. Aquidneck Island Adult Learning Center, 435 Broadway - Newport, RI 02840

Rhode Island is certainly one of the best places in the United States to become a CNA; the requirements are not too stringent, the employment opportunities are many, the salary is also quite nice as well, and there is also a possibility of your training fees reimbursed by the state if you manage to gain employment within a year of getting certified. So what are you waiting for? Enroll in CNA classes in RI and get started on your new career!

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